Where to Store Luggage at London

In this post we provide many diverse possibilities for bag storage in London, such as a service that will pickup and drop off your bags.

Luggage Storage In London

These storage services are an intriguing choice to left luggage, and oftentimes may even be less costly.

As opposed to leaving your luggage in a facility at the train station or airport, these businesses operate with nearby restaurants and shops to give storage area.

The majority of the companies offering this support have an app that you can use to find the closest drop-off place, so you’ll never have trouble finding somewhere to store your bag.

Stasher – Luggage Storage In London

Stasher and its competitors below employ a system that lets you simply pay a fee to leave your luggage with a certified place nearest you.

Rather than store your luggage at a storage facility or left luggage facility, now you can drop off your bags in a wide array of shops and restaurants around town!

These include insurance policy for damaged or lost items.

The best thing about Stasher is their pricing, just #6 percent bag for the entire day.

If your plan is to acquire the London Pass, a tourist attraction discount pass, you will be eligible for 15 percent off.

Click on here for more information.

NOTE: Stasher, such as most of its rivals below, also offer solutions in Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome, and many other cities.

7 Places to Store Luggage at London

There are a Couple of Unique ways to store your luggage upon arrival in London, such as the following options:

1. Luggage Storage (App Based)

Many storage businesses offer a service which allows you to drop off your bag at numerous unique shops, restaurants, stores, and other places all over London.

2. Left Luggage (In the Airport/Train Station)

The two airports and train stations in London offer left luggage storage services.

This is just about the easiest option, but you may have the ability to find a better deal elsewhere. Join our complimentary FTBF Travel Community! As a thank you, then you’ll get our City Guide!

3. Luggage Delivery (Into the Airport)

This service may pick up your bags from everywhere you want and deliver them to the airport or train station of your choice.

This might be a good solution for anyone who has too many bags to take themselves.

4. Storage Centre (Self Storage)

These companies provide a fixed rate per luggage stored, plus they charge a daily or weekly, making this an superb choice for long term storage.

5. Consult Your Resort

If you’re staying in a hotel, you may want to ask them if they’d be able to save your luggage as you head outside for sightseeing or other pursuits.

6. Shopping Centre Storage

You can also drop your bags off in Westfield shopping centres.

  • Westfield London provides rates of #3 each small item, #5 to small luggage and suitcases, and #7 for large luggage.
  • Westfield Stratford City is #3 for almost any small item, #5 to get luggage or luggage for up to 4 months , and #10 for all-day storage.

7. Tourist Information Centre

The Greenwich Tourist Information Centre provides storage for 5 each item for up to 3 weeks #8 for 24 hours, and #10 for each additional day. This is somewhat more expensive than other choices.

COVID-19 ALERT: Some storage locations may be closed currently due to the outbreak.

Additional Companies

There are several other companies offering a similar service.

Some have a few side benefits that are worth noting below. Some might offer more convenient locations for you than Stasher.


Nannybag is a respectable service with countless locations in dozens of towns in Europe.

In London alone they have over 100 locations and supply generous insurance of 1300 each bag, which is contained in the price.

Their rates are extremely great: #6 per bag for its first 24 hours#4 each bag for every extra day.

Click on here to learn more and find a convenient location near you.


Vertoe is an on-demand short term storage supplier. They have 500+ locations globally and now Vertoe is available in London!

Vertoe is now active at more than 20 places in London covering all significant landmarks including King Cross Station, Victoria Station, Heathrow Airport, Paddington, and London Bridge.

Many of their locations are open 24/7 for extended convenience.

Vertoe delivers the cheapest prices in London using a beginning online cost of 5.95/ day.

Group bookings lead to added discounts with much more affordable pricing.

Additional Luggage Storage Companies

  • Luggage Hero — Costs begin at #1 per day based on size, more than 120 locations across London.
  • Bounce — Costs start at around #5 daily, dozens of places from London.


Most major rail stations, coach stations, and most airports offer you left luggage facilities.

All these are easy storage spaces which may be leased out on a hourly or daily basis.

Perhaps this is the simplest and most familiar option for the majority of travelers, as it’s appropriate at the airport or train station.

All you need to do is find the abandoned luggage service (that is usually close to your terminal) and drop off your items.

Visitors can either pay upon arrival or cover on line in advance to save a little time.

Hours change for every left luggage place. However, all are started between 7 am — 11 pm, and so bags can be dropped off and collected between those hours.

For guests seeking overnight storage, then there’s 24-hour CCTV policy to ensure that all left luggage is kept protected.

To pre-book an abandoned luggage storage space in a London train station or airport, then click on here to be obtained to the Left bag booking website run by Excess Baggage Company.

Left Luggage at Victoria Train Station

One of the busiest train stations in town, London Victoria also has a left luggage facility.

It is open every day between 7 am — 10.45 pm, and costs only #3.00 per product for your initial 2 hours, #5 percent item under 20kg for 2-24 hoursper day, also #7 per thing 20kg for 2-24 hours.

We’ve got other Victoria Station luggage storage alternatives listed here, such as flexible, Airbnb-style options.

Left Luggage at Other London Train Stations

  • London King’s Cross. Platforms 16-18. Open 7 am — midnight.
  • London Charing Cross. Main concourse. Open 7 am — 11 pm.
  • London Liverpool Street. Platform 10. Open 7 am-11 pm.
  • London Euston. Platform 16-18. Open 7 am-11 pm.
  • London Paddington. Platform 12. Open 7 am-11 pm.
  • London St Pancras International. Main concourse. Open Monday-Saturday 5:30am0-11pm; Sunday 7am-10pm.
  • London Waterloo. Exit 6 on the South Bank. 7am-11pm.
  • Prices for storage change by station and duration of time, therefore please watch Spicy Bags to discover what to expect to cover.

Left Luggage at London Airports

The subsequent luggage storage services are supplied by the company Excess Baggage.

London Heathrow Airport

  • Root 2 — Arrivals. Main Concourse. Open 5am-11pm. # 2 7.50 per item for 0-3 hours of storage, #12.50 for 3-24 hours20 for the 2nd day, #27.50 for your 3rd day, and #5 for every day later.
  • Root 3 — Arrivals. Near Car Hire desks. Open 5am-11pm. #6 per item for 0-2 hours, #11 for 2-24 hours, # 2 18.50 for your 2nd day, #26 for the 3rd day, and #5 to each day afterwards.
  • Root 4 — Arrivals Hall West End. Open 5:30am-11pm. #6 per item for 0-2 hours, #11 for 2-24 hours, # 2 18.50 for your 2nd afternoon, #26 for your 3rd day, and #5 for every day after.
  • Root 5 — 5 Arrivals. UK Arrivals End. Open 5:30am-11pm. #6 per item for 0-2 hours11 for 2-24 hours, # 4 18.50 for your 2nd day, #26 for the 3rd day, and #5 to every day afterwards.

London Gatwick Airport

  • South Terminal — Arrivals Hall at the back of the check-in Location. Open 24 hoursseven days a week.
  • North Terminal — Close to the inter-terminal shuttle. Open 5am — 10 pm every day.
  • #6 per item for up to 3 weeks. #11 per item for 3-24 hours. #7.50 daily until day 3. #5 per day after day 3.

London Luton Airport

  • Around from Bar Des Voyageurs in the Main Terminal — Open 24 hours.
  • #5 a item for two hours, #10 per item for 2-24 hours, and #5 for every extra day.

These two locations provide left luggage storage from other companies.

London City Airport

  • Information Desk — Number 10 per item per 24 hours

London Stansted Airport

  • Airport services desk in the international arrivals landside at Zone A — Open 24 hours.
  • #8 per day or #48 weekly for small suitcases and bags, #10 daily or #60 per week for routine size suitcases or bag, and #20 per day or #120 per week for big items and bags.
  • Service provided by Luggage-Point.

Left Luggage at Victoria Coach Station

Besides the abandoned luggage choices at rail stations and airports around London, there are also storage facilities at the Victoria Coach Station.

If you’re intending to utilize the coach for any day trips, this could be an excellent choice.

  • Open everyday between 8:30am-10pm.
  • Number 5 a item for de to 3 hours. #7.50 each item for up to 6 weeks. #10 a thing for up to 24 hours. #6 for every additional day.


Another trend in this industry is the growth of luggage shipping solutions.

This provider collects your luggage directly from the doorstep and then deliver them to your destination airport, or even delivered to your address after checking them in at the airport.

In case you have a good deal of luggage that should be transported across town, this really is an outstanding way to get around the struggle of doing it on your own.

The theory behind the service is to ensure you don’t have to carry all your luggage through the airport, plus they send your luggage into the plane, making the full process of boarding much easier.


AirPortr is really the most well-known company providing this service in London.

Fees begin at #19 a luggage, though the general cost can vary a lot depending on space and variety of service.

They have an online conversation and 24-hour call center so you can speak to an agent at any time.

In case you have a very long layover and don’t want to bother with keeping your bag, then that is a excellent option as it guarantees your bags will probably be waiting for you at your final destination once you arrive.


These facilities have been conventional storage centres in that you drop your luggage at a particular place and pay a fixed rate per bag.

As companies like Stasher and eventually become more popular, fewer folks are using companies like those given below.

However, if you are looking for long-term storage alternatives, then these offer a competitive alternative.

This type of storage is especially great for anybody who wants to keep their bag for at least a week or two, as they often offer discounts about 4-8 weeks of support.

Access Self Storage at King’s Cross

Located very conveniently only contrary of King’s Cross, Access Self Storage is a inexpensive method to store luggage for a full day in central London.

Not only is King’s Cross among the very popular rail stations in London, but it is also within walking distance of many tourist attractions like the British Museum, Camden Town, and Covent Garden.

The price of storage is 8.50 each item, per day.

  • Hours: Mon — Fri: 7:30am-6:00pm; Sat: 8:30am-5:00pm; Sun: 10:00am-4:00pm
  • Situated at: Belgrove House, Belgrove Street, King’s Cross, London WC1H 8AA

ABC Self Shop

Furthermore, visitors can elect for a self-storage alternative such as ABC Self Storage, which has a centre in Camden, Southwark, and Wandsworth.

SafeStore Self Storage

Another self-storage alternative is SafeStore, which delivers a discount for individuals expecting to store luggage for long-term stays.

SafeStore has 107 places around London, promising that there’s obviously a storage facility nearby.

What’s the Least Expensive bag Storage in London?

On account of the way that bag storage companies control their rates, the least expensive choice will be contingent on which sort of service you require.

Here are 3 factors to consider when deciding which company to utilize.

1. If you need this support for 24 hours or less…

Your very best option will likely be either app-based storage companies or left bag .

Having said that, while abandoned luggage companies offer hourly rates, they are often just as expensive to get a couple hours of storage as the app-based companies charge for an entire day.

For instance, if you were to leave a bag in abandoned luggage at Heathrow Airport, at the least you can expect to cover would be 6 for up to 2 hours or 11 for a complete day.

In comparison, Stasher offers prices of just #6 for an entire day, which might make it more economical and leave less room for mistakes.

2. If you Will Need this service for 24-72 hours or less…

You will certainly need to take into account either app-based storage or even a storage centre. The issue with left bag businesses is that they charge their highest rates in this window of time.

If you leave your bag at left luggage at Heathrow Airport for over 24 hours, you may be charged around #18.50 for the second day.

In the event you leave bag with them for a third day, then they will bill #26 for the 48-72 hour period. This makes it #55.50 for just three days of storage (such as #11 for the first day)!

In comparison, app-based storage firms charge just #5#6 per day, which means that you’d pay around #18 for 3 days. The distinction is enormous !

3. If you need this support for a week or even more…

Obviously, left bag will be out of the question for folks that want storage. App-based providers are still a wonderful option, as most of them provide discounts for monthly or weekly storage.

One good case is Vertoe, that provides customers 15% off for a week storage and 30% off for monthly storage.

Nevertheless, you might choose to think about a storage centre for any period of time more than a monthor two since they frequently offer you deep discounts on 8-12 weeks of service.