Veggie Dinner – Restaurant tips

Veggie Dinner – Restaurant tips

Since I’ve decided to change my diet by cutting meat, I’ve been in search of vegetarian-friendly restaurants where they serve more than a standard pasta or risotto dish. In that sense I have had some nice experiences at Meatless District, de Bolhoed, and DopHert.

Meatless District might be a little more expensive than your usual restaurant, but offers the most original dishes to choose from and has lovely desserts. The cook works with unfamiliar ingredients to serve courses presented in a very appetizing manner.

At Bolhoed I especially love the interior and atmosphere — it has a slightly hippie and grandma-style living room. Mostly you see (groups of) friends meeting here to catch up in one of the cosy, dark corners that offers their guests enough privacy to talk in comfort.

Finally, DopHert is the place to eat fully plant-based (vegan) meals and is famous for its burgers that are also served in other restaurants in the city. They also offer breakfast, lunch and signature pastries. Now situated in 2 locations in Amsterdam.

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