The Best Galleries in Amsterdam

One thing to make sure you do before ending your trip to Amsterdam is to visit the best museums. Amsterdam is home to many of the world’s most famous museums. There are numerous museums that contain artwork, history of the holocaust, Amsterdam history, and many others. Take a short walk with me while we take a brief look at some of the possible stops on your next trip there.

Anne Frank House

This is history from a young girl’s viewpoint. It does not matter if you have ever heard of Anne Frank or her family, this is one stop that is so heart-wrenchingly filled with love and fear of a family and the friends who remained hidden in one of history’s scariest times. Witness the secret bookcase leading to the staircase to the attic. Visit the rooms where these people tried to carry on life, silently during the day, and quietly at night. Hear the story of the people who helped them by getting them food and necessities.
The attic where they remained hidden, trying to save their lives does require tickets. Early purchase is recommended online.

Van Gogh Museum

If you enjoy impressionistic art, this is the museum to make a visit to. This is a museum that is smaller in size than many others and it does not contain all of Van Gogh’s artwork. The crowds do not seem to overwhelm this museum, despite the smaller size.
Van Gogh’s life and history are well worth standing in line for. If you plan to visit, stop in on a Friday or Saturday evening. The museum is open until 9 p.m. those nights and you can avoid the crowds.

Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder

This is a beautiful museum for those that love their history. This location allows you to see how it felt to enter a church through an attic. For those of you that do not understand that, historically, non-Protestants could not worship publicly in the Netherlands. It was a must to do their services in secret.
This museum is designed with three houses. One of which is on the canal. When these houses were combined to ensure enough room for the church, they also tried to keep them authentic. Those who love the Golden Age will fall in love with this museum.

Stedelijk Museum

A museum filled with Modern Art. This museum alternates artwork regularly. Works by Warhol, Koons, and Kandinsky. Before or after your visit, be sure to have a picnic lunch on the Museumplein and enjoy the beauty around you.


Here is a museum filled with photography of all types. Loaded with works of creative and thoughtful photographers.
This is a small museum that you will find occupies your time without realizing it. Inside Foam, you will drift away looking at the different photographic scenes depicted here. You can get lost in meadows, dream of history, or even tear up at the beauty.

EYE Film Institute

This is one of the best-known museums pertaining to film and cinemaphotography in all of the Netherlands. They have permanent collections and also some that are rotated and changed out.
The list of items to see at this museum includes films, movie posters and also cinemaphotography equipment. Also available for viewing are over 90,000 photos taken from sets and productions of many world-famous movies.

Nieuwe Kerk (New Church)

The New Church was built back in 1408. There is no known way to determine how much damage had been done from fires in 1421 and 1452. What is known is that most of the walls and most pillars were put up after that time.
Dating back, this is the church where most of the Dutch Kings and Queens have been inaugurated. The grand Altar and the ornamental organ you see were built and added after the great fire of 1645 burned almost the entirety of the building.

Jewish Historical Museum

1987 saw the design and creation of the Jewish Historical Museum. This was made by combining four synagogues. The museum is filled with rich artwork and religious items. All of which gives a history of the Jewish people and Judaism.
What is truly amazing about this museum is how they can put historical items right amongst modern artwork or photos to give a truly unique perspective.

Moco Museum

This is a stunning modern contemporary museum for all. This is a small private museum that has been designed inside an early 20th Century mansion. You will find modern works of art by Warhol, Koons, Icy and Sot, and even some unauthorized Banksy artwork. The unauthorized works have been given by private owners.
Visitors will also be able to view an impressive variety of contemporary sculptures in the Moco Garden.

Museum Van Loon

Housed inside a beautiful historic home, this museum is a delight to visit. Filled with authentic pieces, visitors also receive beautiful views of the Keizersgracht. The Emperor’s Canal is one of the three main canals in Amsterdam.
Visitors can also take o tour of the neatly manicured gardens, and have a bite at the Carriage House, where there is a small cafe.