Tenue de Nimes – Amsterdam couture

Tenue de Nimes – Amsterdam couture

Amsterdam couture is a thing. And I am a fan. It shows that the city has a lot of influence, similar to Denmark for example, with the RAINS brand. Tenue de Nimes is mainly a jeans brand, but they have other stuff as well. I randomly walked into their store at the Haarlemmerstraat when I was looking for a new pair of jeans.

The place felt good and there was music and I saw a bucket with beers. In ice. I walked around and checked out the wall with folded pants. Took out some pairs to see the quality. Then, someone asked me if I could give him size 32. To which I said, that won’t fit you. He laughed. And then he told me he worked there and that I was standing behind the counter.

He offered me a beer and we started talking jeans and he showed me some really nice ones made from Japanese material. He also showed me a limited edition jacket that they had made for their anniversary. I still think that is one of the coolest jackets I ever bought.

If you are looking for something different, high quality and not hipster like, check out Tenue de Nimes.

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