Rotisserie – Royal with cheese

Rotisserie – Royal with cheese

Chicken. Slow roasted chicken. Tasty chicken. Man do I love this place. It’s small and always crowded. They have two locations. I only go to the one on the Clerqstraat. The atmosphere is laid back and chill. Even though the people that work there are crazy busy. All the time. Did I mention that they have really amazing chicken? They do.

But do you know what I have almost always ordered since I ordered it once? A burger. Not just a burger. A Royal with Cheese. For those who know what I am talking about, you know you want it. It just tastes better because of the movie, but it is also one of my favorite burgers that you can buy in Amsterdam — ad there are some really great burger joints in Amsterdam, believe me, I have tried a few (I will write some reviews about these as well).

If you like chicken, or if you want one of the most iconic burgers (by name), you should definitely visit the Rotisserie.

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