Rembrandt Park – Peace and quiet

Rembrandt Park – Peace and quiet

A park, by my definition, is a place where you can enjoy nature or the feel of nature within a city. Where you can walk, run, sit, relax, play. Whatever relaxes you or makes you happy. Most parks in cities around the world are crowded, noisy places with no real feelings of nature or calmness. Too many runners, dog walkers, cyclists and other people.

Rembrandt Park is big. Really big. It stretches from West to South Amsterdam. All the water and trees it has make it a real treat. Even in winter it is gorgeous. There is a small farm that has goats and pigs and horses and more. And it is quiet. Relaxing. Lots of nature. No cafés or restaurants. No big events or theaters happening. Just a park. It is amazing to walk around, enjoying the quiet.

If you are looking for a place to have a peaceful afternoon, maybe read a book or meditate, or just sit and enjoy the surroundings, Rembrandt Park is the place to visit. And, if you like street art, there are some really nice pieces to admire there as well.

Bring something dry to sit on or to dry the benches, as the benches and grass might be a little wet.

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