Museum Hendrikje – Bags and purses

Museum Hendrikje – Bags and purses

There are a lot of great museums in Amsterdam, but as I mostly try to avoid the crowds and endless waiting lines, I would suggest you try an alternative to the Rijksmuseum or Van Gogh. Tassenmuseum Hendrikje is the museum of bags and purses, situated in the centre of Amsterdam.

In this museum you can discover the rich history of an everyday object. Since every bag tells its own story, information is provided about the fashion, art, techniques and habits in a given period of time that makes it also a historically interesting experience. Their collection is showcased in a magnificent 17th-century canal house. Expect to discover the development of the bag from the middle ages to the present, from unique historical pieces, to timeless classics of world famous brands and emerging designers.

Next to the general exhibition there is always a temporarily exhibition, for instance about a famous designer, type of bags and purses, or specific occasion where bags an purses are worn.

Extra tip: it is really cool to book a high tea for after your visit, which is served in one of their classical style chambers.

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