MOER – Cosy fine dining

MOER – Cosy fine dining

As I am one of those remaining people that enjoys celebrating Valentine’s day even though it might be slightly commercial, me and my boyfriend ended up having a dinner reservation at MOER this year for a romantic night out. This turned out to be very memorable, which was for a great part thanks to the very genuine restaurant staff.

The menu mainly consists of dishes that are centered around vegetables. There is the option to eat a la carte, but most people choose the 3, 4, 5, 6 or even 7-course surprise menu. Obviously we trusted the cook enough to be surprised and were not let down! With each course the waiter explained a little about the dish and we were served a variety of ‘forgotten’ vegetables with interesting combinations.

The reason I prefer this restaurant over other fine dining restaurants is that the place feels really cosy and the interior is super stylish. I also like that they try to work in themes. For example, every first Saturday of the month they serve a multiple course lunch menu centered around an ingredient that is widely available at that moment. And on Sunday there are oysters for a special price. I will visit them more often for sure!

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