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Amsterdam’s cultural scene is among the richest in Europe. Discover everything that makes the Dutch capital great in Amsterdam best museums.

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Go into the galleries only locals are familiar with. Visit little known venues and art spots that open the mind into what being a local is all about.

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Check out our blog for daily Amsterdam Art and events. In our blog you’ll also find daily news about the city.

Amsterdam News & Events

Amsterdam weather in June

In terms of weather, June is a good month to visit Amsterdam. Overall you can expect quite a bit of sunshine, with lots of blue…
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Amsterdam Weather in July

July generally is the warmest month of the year in Amsterdam, with temperatures ranging between nighttime lows of 13° C (54° F) and midday highs…
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Herdenken en actievoeren

In deze blog beelden van fotografe Angela Tellier van de Memre Waka in 2019. Een van de plekken in Amsterdam, die herinneren aan het slavernijverleden…
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Herdenken zonder samenkomen

Eén van de plekken in Amsterdam, die herinneren aan het slavernijverleden van deze stad is de ambtswoning van de burgemeester op de Herengracht, gebouwd door…
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