Concertgebouw – For the love of music

Concertgebouw – For the love of music

Named as one of the top three concert hall acoustics in the world, this is one of the most beautiful places I’m happy to visit every once in a while. My last visit was a few months ago, where I saw a Rachmaninoff piano concert. And the same as all the times before, I was moved. Moved by the music and how it takes you on a journey.

You can listen to this music at home on your speakers or on your noise-canceling headphones, but that will not bring you the same emotion as it does in Het Concertgebouw. On the 27th I will be going to another piano concert there, and I am so looking forward to this.

The building itself is quite something to look at. From a distance. Before you go inside. I would advise walking from Museumplein towards it. Even when it’s dark, it is beautifully lit. And then, when you enter, you enter a different time. Especially when you are allowed into the main concert hall. You feel this power, this feeling of being insignificant and small. To be allowed into this arena of history and music of the centuries… Instant respect — and humbling. 

Even if you are not a piano or opera or other kinds of classical music fan, give this place a try. You will not be disappointed.

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