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july Weather

Amsterdam Weather in July

July generally is the warmest month of the year in Amsterdam, with temperatures ranging between nighttime lows of 13° C (54° F) and midday highs around 22° C (72° F). Mind you, historically July weather has always been precarious at best (as is Dutch weather in general, no matter what month you pick). You never […]

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June Weather

Amsterdam weather in June

In terms of weather, June is a good month to visit Amsterdam. Overall you can expect quite a bit of sunshine, with lots of blue skies and a normal average temperature of 15° C (59° F) — and daytime highs of 19-20° C (66.2-68° F). Mind you, the Dutch grew up with this more of […]

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climate May Weather

Amsterdam weather in May

Good news: In Holland, May often is the sunniest month of the year, with on average up to 15 hours of sunshine a day. However, May also tends to have as many cold days as it has warm days. At night there can even be some frost, particularly in the first half of the month […]

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April Weather

Amsterdam weather in April

What is Amsterdam’s April weather like? April in Amsterdam brings good news and bad news when it comes to the weather. The good news: this is normally the driest month of the year. It does rain, but the spring showers are usually short-lived and not too wet. Oh… and we’ve got millions — MILLIONS — […]

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March Weather

Amsterdam weather in March

Amsterdam Tourist Information – What is Amsterdam’s March weather like? — March in Amsterdam, as in all of the Netherlands, is characterized by erratic weather. Indeed, the old joke that Holland has four seasons a day is more likely to make sense in March than in any other month. What kind of weather you […]

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february Weather

Amsterdam weather in February

Amsterdam Tourist Information – What is the weather like in Amsterdam in February? — February is the coldest month throughout the Netherlands, and the coldest time of the year to spend in Amsterdam. The average high temperature is 6° Celsius (42.8° Fahrenheit), and the average low temperature is 0.5° Celsius (32.9° Fahrenheit). The wind […]

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climate January Weather

Amsterdam weather in January

Amsterdam Tourist Information – January in Amsterdam Amsterdam is beautiful any time of the year, and January is no exception — provided you dress for the occasion. According to the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI[ref]Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute[/ref]), January is the coldest month in most of the Netherlands. Along the sea […]

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December Weather

Amsterdam weather in December

Amsterdam Tourist Information – December weather in Amsterdam: usually cold; usually no snow Skip directly to the current weather forecast If you see any sunshine in Amsterdam during December, take a picture. If you see any snow, take a picture as well. [It doesn’t often snow this much, certainly not in December] In this darkest […]

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