Veggie Dinner – Restaurant tips

Since I’ve decided to change my diet by cutting meat, I’ve been in search of vegetarian-friendly restaurants where they serve more than a standard pasta or risotto dish. In that sense I have had some nice experiences at Meatless District, de Bolhoed, and DopHert. Meatless District might be a little more expensive than your usual restaurant, … Read more Veggie Dinner – Restaurant tips

Vegan Junk Food Bar – Passionately plant-based

Let me start off this post by stating that I am in no way, shape, or form a vegan. I enjoy meat and dairy, and always appreciate a good cheeseburger. That being said, I have been cutting down on meat lately, and exploring more vegetarian and vegan dishes. To anyone who is sceptical about how … Read more Vegan Junk Food Bar – Passionately plant-based