Virtual Museum Visits, Day 2: Van Gogh and his Sunflowers

Continuing with our virtual museum visits, I’m taking you to two museums today to see Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. What Mona Lisa is to Leonardo da Vinci, or The Night Watch to Rembrandt, well that the ‘Sunflowers’ are to Vincent van Gogh. It’s definitely a painting that comes to anyone’s mind when thinking about this fantastic … Read more

Top 5 Museums in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Tourist Information – Top 5 most popular museums in Amsterdam The top 5 museums in the Netherlands, as measured by the number of visitors during the year 2019, are all located in Amsterdam. Up-to-date: This list was updated on January 23, 2020. Best museums in Amsterdam by visitor numbers: Rijksmuseum Van Gogh Museum Anne … Read more