Latei – Coffee, vintage & rock’n’roll

I can tell you, Amsterdam is amazing, but it does have one or two little problems. First: everything is so beautiful and curated that you might have difficulties in finding something authentic. The second is related to the first: Amsterdammers are great in marketing, which, again, doesn’t help the overall experience if what you’re seeking … Read more Latei – Coffee, vintage & rock’n’roll

Huize van Wely & Linnick – Cakes and macarons

My two favorite places to indulge on my sugar cravings are Huize van Wely (located in the Gelderlandplein shopping mall, Beethovenstraat and Amstelveen shopping centre) and Linnick. The first is one I am already a fan of for a long time, as my parents maintain the tradition of treating me and my sister with a birthday cake … Read more Huize van Wely & Linnick – Cakes and macarons

Zeedijk – Hidden central

The most important street connecting Amsterdam Central Station with the Chinese Area around Nieuwmarkt is de Zeedijk. I used to cross this street very often and during these walks I discovered some interesting places. First, SKEK is a cosy place run by students offering a changing menu of unique dishes, daily specials and speciality beers. Latei … Read more Zeedijk – Hidden central