Rotisserie – Burgers & cheese fries

Rotisserie is one of those places where I can order anything and know it will be good – and I can say this confidently because I’ve tried nearly everything on the menu. it’s where I go with friends when we want to stuff our faces with comfort food and then relax afterwards with a cocktail. … Read more Rotisserie – Burgers & cheese fries

Vegan Junk Food Bar – Passionately plant-based

Let me start off this post by stating that I am in no way, shape, or form a vegan. I enjoy meat and dairy, and always appreciate a good cheeseburger. That being said, I have been cutting down on meat lately, and exploring more vegetarian and vegan dishes. To anyone who is sceptical about how … Read more Vegan Junk Food Bar – Passionately plant-based

Louie Louie – Drinks and bites

Louie Louie is possibly my favourite bar in Amsterdam East because of the good vibes, drinks and food, and clearly a lot of other people feel the same, because it’s always busy. Especially in the spring and summer when the weather is (hopefully) a bit better, the big terrace is great for sitting out in the … Read more Louie Louie – Drinks and bites

Hoofddorpplein – Cosy neighbourhood

Hoofddorpplein is only a few doorsteps from my apartment and has a variety of shops, cafes and restaurants. Although this area is still part of the city center and not too far from touristic sights such as Museumplein and the Vondelpark, I experience there to be a local atmosphere in this neighbourhood. Once a year … Read more Hoofddorpplein – Cosy neighbourhood

Zeedijk – Hidden central

The most important street connecting Amsterdam Central Station with the Chinese Area around Nieuwmarkt is de Zeedijk. I used to cross this street very often and during these walks I discovered some interesting places. First, SKEK is a cosy place run by students offering a changing menu of unique dishes, daily specials and speciality beers. Latei … Read more Zeedijk – Hidden central