Tolhuistuin – Cultural garden

This is literally a hidden hot spot in Amsterdam. Cross the water by ferry (already a treat by itself!) to ‘Buiksloterweg’ and you’ll hit the Tolhuistuin Restaurant to your left-hand side. Downstairs is a concert hall, a successful branch of the legendary club ‘Paradiso’ in the center. But since ‘tuin’ means ‘garden’ in Dutch, the curious visitor … Read more Tolhuistuin – Cultural garden

Nieuwendammerdijk – Gorgeous bicycle route

The Dutch cultivate a phenomenon called ‘geveltuin’ (something like ‘roadside garden’): with only one square meter of fertile ground in front of their entrance, they can create magic- flowers, bushes, even trees give colour and a friendly atmosphere to neighbourhoods. Great examples of those ‘geveltuinen’ are only one thing that makes the Nieuwendammerdijk the most … Read more Nieuwendammerdijk – Gorgeous bicycle route