De Thuisborrel Club – Shake it up at home!

As we all know, times are hard right now. Almost all hospitality establishments in The Netherlands are closed and don’t know when they’ll be able to reopen again.  Meanwhile, we’re stuck at home, trying to stay sane and have some (COVID-19 proof) fun. So, what if I told you you could support your locals by … Read more

OT301 – Ping-pong night

Do I see a frowning face staring at the words Ping Pong Night? Trust me, whenever I have taken frowned faces to a Ping-Pong night at OT301 in Amsterdam, the frowns have turned to grins in a split second. Imagine thirty people around a ping pong table, beers in hand, taking turns to strike the ball until … Read more

Cafe In ‘t Aepjen – The monkey bar

Once upon a time, Amsterdam was one of the most important ports in the world, a place renowned for its thriving commerce, its rough genever, and for the “ladies of pleasure” whose address was conveniently located nearby the port, at the so called Red Light District. In those days, after a sailor had had enough … Read more

Javastraat – Amsterdam’s melting pot

Amsterdam East (oost) has always been one of my favourite neighbourhoods for various reasons, and in recent years I’ve been enjoying it more and more. It’s one of the many areas in Amsterdam that has been subjected to the feared gentrification — the housing market exploded, and for a while I was scared that the … Read more