Oko Cultural Melting Point – Home-made everything

Ania and Natalia, the founders of Oko Cultural Melting Point, brought the project to daylight via a crowdfunding action which was a real success. Apparently, people living in Bos en Lommer in Amsterdam were craving for a neighbourhood cafe with home-made everything at its core and community as its spirit.  The cafe / lunchroom / cultural … Read more Oko Cultural Melting Point – Home-made everything

Micropia – Indoor Artis experience

As a Dutch citizen, I’ve visited the Amsterdam Zoo (Artis) multiple times already. In order to try something different, my boyfriend and I decided to spend an afternoon in their next-door experience: Micropia. This (first) museum about microbes is designed to inform the public about the utility and deep complexity of microscopic life such as bacteria, viruses, … Read more Micropia – Indoor Artis experience

Last Minute Ticket Shop – Go watch a show!

Hopefully, by the time you start reading this article, you are already looking forward to get acquainted with Dutch theatre. If not, read this one first, because I’m about to explain you the next step in this enterprise (in case you want to make the experience lighter on your wallet). # 1 – You hop onto http://lastminuteticketshop.nl/ … Read more Last Minute Ticket Shop – Go watch a show!

Antiquariaat Hoogkamp – The best souvenir

Strolling along the Spiegelgracht is a feast for the eyes — shops, locals, bikes, tourists. Tucked between the Rijksmuseum and the Prinsengracht, this peculiar shop stands out, with its stripped canopy and wooden boxes at the entrance. There’s nothing especially remarkable about it at first sight, until one sets their eyes on the contents of the boxes: … Read more Antiquariaat Hoogkamp – The best souvenir