Café de Klos – Ribs… amazing ribs!

Café de Klos – Ribs… amazing ribs!

Meatlovers rejoice. This place is absolutely amazing. If you like simple, tasty and juicy spareribs, this is your place. The first time I came here was more than 10 years ago. They have only changed the kitchen, just to make more food. It’s one of those places you will come back to for more.

De Klos is located in the touristy part of Amsterdam. You can’t make reservations, and sometimes you need to wait for two hours. They have a bar across the road where you can wait while you have a drink. If you are not there when they call for you, your spot will be passed on.

The staff is really something else. They make fun of you. With you. And they are always laughing and making jokes. It is a very small place with seats for about 15 people I’d say. Most of the seats are at the bar. After you’ve ordered your food (please order the ribs, I can’t vouch for any other food on the menu), you should look around and enjoy the things they’ve put on the walls. It is a really old place with cool characteristics.

Your food is served on a wooden plate. Just meat and a small salad. If you’re really hungry, order the potato as well. It’s amazing!


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