Hotel Review: Proud Phuket Hotel at Phuket, Thailand

Finding the best hotel when travelling is always a bit tricky. Especially if you are visiting a country, you haven’t been at before. When planning our trip to Thailand, my husband and I wanted to stay in a beautiful, relaxed and romantic hotel. And we found all of that at Proud Phuket Hotel at Phuket, … Read more Hotel Review: Proud Phuket Hotel at Phuket, Thailand

Start MoveMe group

Location Ketelhuisplein 41, 1054 RD, Amsterdam See map: Google Maps MoveMe groups provide children (age 4-8) with a safe space to explore and express themselves using dance within a group setting. There is a balance between giving personal attention to each child and acknowledging who they are, and catering to the group as a whole. … Read more Start MoveMe group

Veggie Dinner – Restaurant tips

Since I’ve decided to change my diet by cutting meat, I’ve been in search of vegetarian-friendly restaurants where they serve more than a standard pasta or risotto dish. In that sense I have had some nice experiences at Meatless District, de Bolhoed, and DopHert. Meatless District might be a little more expensive than your usual restaurant, … Read more Veggie Dinner – Restaurant tips

Oko Cultural Melting Point – Home-made everything

Ania and Natalia, the founders of Oko Cultural Melting Point, brought the project to daylight via a crowdfunding action which was a real success. Apparently, people living in Bos en Lommer in Amsterdam were craving for a neighbourhood cafe with home-made everything at its core and community as its spirit.  The cafe / lunchroom / cultural … Read more Oko Cultural Melting Point – Home-made everything