Veggie Dinner – Restaurant tips

Since I’ve decided to change my diet by cutting meat, I’ve been in search of vegetarian-friendly restaurants where they serve more than a standard pasta or risotto dish. In that sense I have had some nice experiences at Meatless District, de Bolhoed, and DopHert. Meatless District might be a little more expensive than your usual restaurant, … Read more Veggie Dinner – Restaurant tips

Oko Cultural Melting Point – Home-made everything

Ania and Natalia, the founders of Oko Cultural Melting Point, brought the project to daylight via a crowdfunding action which was a real success. Apparently, people living in Bos en Lommer in Amsterdam were craving for a neighbourhood cafe with home-made everything at its core and community as its spirit.  The cafe / lunchroom / cultural … Read more Oko Cultural Melting Point – Home-made everything

Mini-Buffalo Coaching group ! Season opening

Location Beatrixpark Amsterdam See map: Google Maps Deeply connect to your child while living magic moments in nature… Here is the wonderful purpose of the Mini-Buffalo coaching group. Supported by Judith Duijn, parents will be coached to establish a deep and meaningful connection with the children. They will discover the power of a positive and … Read more Mini-Buffalo Coaching group ! Season opening

Micropia – Indoor Artis experience

As a Dutch citizen, I’ve visited the Amsterdam Zoo (Artis) multiple times already. In order to try something different, my boyfriend and I decided to spend an afternoon in their next-door experience: Micropia. This (first) museum about microbes is designed to inform the public about the utility and deep complexity of microscopic life such as bacteria, viruses, … Read more Micropia – Indoor Artis experience