Bird Snackbar – Thai food done right!

Bird Snackbar – Thai food done right!

Okay, this is going to be a little bit confusing. In the Zeedijk there are two Thai places called Bird. They are on opposite sides of the street with the result that when you tell people you’ll go to one of them they’ll be waiting for you at the other one. And to confuse you even more, one is a ‘snackbar’ and the other is a restaurant. The restaurant isn’t half-bad, but the place to really go for Thai food is the snack bar.

So now you’ve got two options: eat there or take away and I will tell you a little about both. Bird Snack bar is on my way home, so when I don’t have the time or motivation to cook, I’ll stop by on my way home.

Two things to take into account. One, you are not the only one: especially when sunny, there are always people waiting for their order outside. Second, they have a fixed list with one takeaway dish for each day of the week for ten euros. Great choice! My favorite is Wednesday’s Ken Kai.

When you decide to eat at Bird Snackbar, you’ll be seated in the small restaurant and will probably have to wiggle your way in and out of a seat and sometimes have to share a table with others. The spicy food being cooked in the kitchen can make you cough. But the fish cakes, curries, pad thai and Thai noodle soup ‘Kwai Tiou Nam’ make it absolutely worthwhile.

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